Radio Angrezi

Angrezi (Urdu انگریزی) is an experimental community radio project in Bremen, a platform for sound, music, speech and live performance. The project was originally established 2016, rebooted by collective of art + design students 2018.

Radio Angrezi is broadcasting (almost) bi-weekly at Be there or be square! Things are evolving live and in real time. We don’t have an archive.

December 13th 2018: Studio Opening

We have a permanent open call, feel free to send your contributions and production ideas to

upcoming productions

(Spring 2019) digital/kritik
– utterances on technology, humans and philosophy

(Summer 2019) live audio play
– in collaboration with Fabian Eyer

Radio Angrezi is a collaborative effort by and with a lot of people, including Rami Abadir, Thomas Frank, Simon Glaser, Lennart Hespenheide, Sylvia Jürgens, Lukas Leck, Patrick Peljhan, Kaja Poestges, Isabell Stoßberger, David Unland, Lilja Waehneldt, Xuyan Wang.