2017, in collaboration with Lukas Leck

The Schietwettermaschine (~ shit-weather-maschine) is a simulation of the typical weather in the city of Bremen: Rain. The installation was part of a exhibition design project that resulted in a concept store that showcased Bremen in various ways and tied to deliver a multimedial impression the city to a visitor.


The work was exhibited at Hochschultage at University of the Arts in Bremen on 11. & 12. of February 2017. The concept store was situated at the 6th segment of Speicher XI in the 3rd floor. The installation took place inside the elevator and on the balcony in front of the store.

The elevator ride up to the 3rd floor was augmented by an audio experience. Two Speakers were mounted into the elevator, driven by an off-grid 12V system, on which a composition of rain-sounds, as if heard from inside the elevator, was playing.

The installation features an audio experience. As during the exhibition the soundtrack is played back and looped on this website. (wav, 1:46)

rail frontal rail falling

Once the visitors arrived on the third floor, the door opens and reveals the view on the second part of the installation. A window made out of highly-transparent foil was mounted on a wooden frame. A water pump was transporting the water from a reservoir through copper pipes to the top edge of the frame. Here it was released through tiny holes in the pipe and spilled onto the foil. The drops formed hundreds of tiny streams running down the foil. As the result the people, coming out of the elevator, were looking from the balcony on the neighbouring buildings through a curtain of rain. “Schietwetter aber quickfidel”(~ “shitty weather, but lively”) a slogan in local dialect, written on the window, was rounding off the image and welcoming the visitor to the Bremen experience waiting for them inside the store.

kid construction store