timely intervention 3

timely interventions are examining our ever-present experience of waiting. a detested, yet underestimated circumstance. a loss of time. a compulsory halt in the ever forward movement. the series of work is asking what our judgment of time is, when it can be lost in the painful act of waiting; how revisioning the mentality towards the temporal no-more and not-yet will overturn the experience and give space for pause, appreciation and contemplation.
the queuing performance, presented at the exhibition, is questioning the waiters self- determination and exposing the interface as a mechanism of force and a means of synchronisation.

The installation and resulting performance was presented at FAQ as part of DAO – Uncanny Conditions 13th and 14th of October 2017.

Entry to the exhibition was prevented by means of a closed door. The visitors was invited to signal their intention of entering by pressing a button interface. When pressed the interface reacted by blinking. The door opened after a seemingly random time of inactivity resulting in an un-staged, involuntary waiting performance.